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I sighted in my 10/22 last night at the range with help from a friend. Basic 10/22 carbine model with original cheap stock. Put a W-M sporter barrel on it (18"). The barrel is heavier than the factory barrel but still tapered. I had to sand out the stock so it would fit. Fits real tight and had to wedge it in the stock. Put a simmons 22 mag AO scope on it.

Sighted in at 25yds. (max indoor range). Was getting .5" groups. The target was bouncing pretty bad because of the ventilation and the fact that the targets were hanging from wire.

Shot Fed's classic HV hollowpoints (copper) and cci's (cheap ones) lead. Both were about the same.

Any suggestions on ammo...

Hope to make it a squirrel gun....

Best, -Coop
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