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A .22LR makes a fine first rifle. The ammo is inexpensive so you will be able to do a lot of shooting and .22's can be highly accurate with the right ammo. Also the recoil is light so you will avoid developing a nasty flinch. Plus .22’s are just a lot of fun. Even when you move up to bigger calibers you will find that your .22 will still be your favorite fun fire to shoot.

Any of the rifles on your list would be a fine choice. You did not mention what kind of shooting you will be doing; backyard tin can plinking, small game hunting, competitive match shooting? The MARK II-FVT with Peep Sights has the competition style peep sites which would be fine for matches but are not that good for hunting or plinking. The MARK II-G comes with standard notch sites which are fine for plinking but if you are like me you will prefer a scope. You will need to purchase bases to attaché to the MARK II-G, but that is not a problem since bases are not expensive. The MARK II-BV comes with the scope bases and has a heavy barrel and will help you be a little more accurate. I also like the wood or laminated wood stocks on the G & BV models. I don’t like plastic stocks. They always feel cold and clammy in my hands while wood always feel warm to me.

The Marlin 925M is a 22 Win. Magnum rifle rather than .22LR (long rifle). .22 mags are more powerful but the ammo is less available and more expensive. Also you can’t shoot .22LR out of a .22 mag rifle and visa versa. The Marlin 925 (no M) is .22LR.

Good luck
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