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First post - Just bought a 917V, 3rd Marlin

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I just wanted to make and introductory post, I like it when people do it on my site so figured I would do it here. In my family my Grandfather would present a 22 caliber rifle to each grandson upon birth, so I guess I got my first Marlin (M80 I think) back in 1973. That rifle was a little too large for me to carry until I was about 15 though. When I was about 9 years old my Dad bought my brother and I each a Marlin 22Y "Little Buckaroo", we both learned gun safety and killed many rabbits, squirrels, cans, and paper targets with them. I still own both of these 22's and will keep them forever or give them to my kids when the time is right.

I just bought a 917V from Wal-Mart on 20 July. I finally got to take it to the range today. I have never shot a rifle that did not make me at least blink upon firing. It was kind of weird to observe the "smoke" through the scope the first few shots. I used the CCI 17gr ammo that Wal-Mart sells. After sighting it in at 100 yards I have been able to obtain groupings the size of a nickel. Not bad for no modifications done to it. I decided to try it out at 200 yards and they are not quite as good (as I suspected would be the case). The groupings at 200 yards were about 8 inches low and 4 inches to the right, and were about 5" in diameter. LOL

I would like to buy a gray laminate stock and also the rifle basix trigger sometime in the near future. The factory trigger pull and slop is quite excessive, but still enjoyable to shoot.
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welcome to the addiction! i mean forum :D i too got a 917v from walmart and use the cci ammo. the stock trigger leaves a LOT to be desired, but it breaks clean (just heavy) get the rifle basix, i should too. what kind of scope do you have on it? im using a simmons blazer 4-16x40. cheap scope, not as much eye relief when on 16x, but it works and is pretty clear for the price. wouldnt buy one again however. ive never shot the 917v for groups, just for sighting in. i use real world scenario to sight in, bipod and prone. then check off bench. works for me. once my cci ammo is dried up im gonna give the hornady a shot. i have a box. after that dont know. i dont use it too much my .22lrs are more fun to shoot :)
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