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First post and Savage MarkII-LV owner

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Hi all,
You have one hell of a site here. This my first post and Im lookin to buy the 93R17-BVSS next to MarkII-LV (she gets lonely some times).

Its nice to find folks anvin fun doin the same thing

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Hey Phil......

Welcome...glad you like it here. And you're right...we're all here for the same reason. That's for enjoying our rimfires...... The Savages are pretty popular here...I own a couple myself--Mark II LV and FV. Great little rifles, and for the dollar probably the best on the market. I owe it all to RFC, because this is where I found out about them! Of course, there's a lot of 93 owners here too...... I too may become one in the not-so-distant future. Later.
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