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First Heavy

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So I'm joining the group with my first heavy barreled rifle ever. Got a good deal on an older used 10/22 target (has the aluminum trigger guard). The stock was well loved to put it lightly. Scope that came on it was is a bsa tmd 4-14 30mm tube.

I had to fill the laminated stock in with some wood putty and sand it flush. Yes there were some big gouges in the stock. Hit it with 2 coats of white primer and then some rustoleum textured paint. After the first coat I decided I liked the white showing through so I let it go. Hit it with a matte clear coat and done.

I put in my polymer trigger from my carbine as I ordered a kidd trigger job kit and it is recommended for the poly assembly. I tape bedded the rear of the receiver and the trigger housing. The trigger I put in it was worked by me years ago and is about 3.5 pounds.

I shot it as is informally in the back yard at 25 yards with aguila standard velocity and was getting groups in the high 2's low 3's. More testing to come.

I have the kidd trigger parts on the way. Probably going to free float the barrel and shim it. Also looking at possibly getting a new scope. I also might eventually send it of to CPC and have the bolt and barrel worked on, but that would be down the road a little.


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Nice. They are fun to build. The rifle looks great, the games are fun. :bthumb:
I already have some of the game targets printed out. Don't know how well I will do but there is only one way to find out.
If you can , try some low end Ely Target or SK standard plus. They may shrink the groups a little. I had a OEM T barrel that I replaced with a Kidd. It shot those good, but really liked the SK Rifle Match. It made the 1/4', No Bull, and Tack Driver with the factory T barrel .

Have fun. :bthumb:
I got the kidd trigger job kit installed and took it out on Friday for a test run. Worked flawlessly. I shot the 1/4 inch game and got a .45 average with aguila standard velocity. I know it's better than that because of the conditions. Sub 30 degrees. Shot with heavy gloves on. 15 plus mph winds and 10 inches of snow. Terrible weather for a day on the range but I had to get it out and test it.
As mentioned above...try SK standard. If it is below 55 F keep it warm in you pocked before you shoot. SK standard is some pretty good ammo to get a idea of what you can do but it does not like cold weather. Norma Tac .22 is good one to try too.
I totally agree on suggested ammo. Nice rifle!:D:bthumb:
Probably going to free float the barrel and shim it.
The only 2 barrels I have that dont like a pressure point are my SS kidd bull barrels. My SS factory ruger carbine barrel and all my chromoly barrels (with exception of the 2 chromoly kidd bull barrels i had that didnt like anything) have liked a pressure point, including my walther banks. But the SS just wont shoot well like that, so they are floated; sort of. I have support from the receiver forward on them for a few inches with some bicycle inner tube. I use the aluminum tape on the receiver to help support the action. Works like a charm.

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Clem I'm not sure I understand the point of the aluminum tape around the take down. Can you please explain it to me. Do you have a pillar installed? What is the max torque the factory laminated stock can handle without a pillar?
Do not think of it as "max torque". We use torque to tune for accuracy. ALL the rifles I have built shot best with 18 to 22 inch pounds on the take down. Note again that is INCH POUNDS!:D:bthumb:
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