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First 452!

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Bought my first 452 today, a Scout for my daughter. She has yet to shoot it, we went to the range before the gun store!!! Sometime I can be so stupid.

But what a nice little rifle... can not wait to give it a try.

My .22 is a 50 year old Marlin that belonged to my mother. There is no comparison. The CZ is just a nicer piece of work.

I guess I'm going to have to see about a Trainer, Lux or an American, probably in WMR. I'm thinking my old eyes might do better with a scope, so I'm leaning toward the American, but one of Brookie's aperature inserts also sounds real interesting. Everyone on this forum seems to have more than one. Now I know why.

What I've read here definitely steered me to the CZ. I feel like I've joined a club.

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Congratulations! I love my new CZ also. I bought the .17 HMR in the "American". Really nice gun.

I will buy my boy a "Scout" when he is old enough.
Yep - I know what you mean! I bought one last year - a 22lr Special , liked it so much that I eventually bought a Lux in 22 mag. These CZs can be addicting!

For scope use I would recommend an American or Varmint. The rear sight on the Special can interfere with scope mounting.
17 HMR

Willscary..........How does the 17 hmr shoot at 100yds?
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