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First 10/22

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Hello all,

Ive referenced this messageboard for a couple months off and on so i thought id give something? back. I just purchased a ruger 10/22 from a pawn shop for $119, and a NIB tasco 4-16x40 markIV for another $80. As you can see i'm fairly budget minded. This rifle is probably going to be used for hunting cans and small game.

What do replacements of the barrel and stock, trigger jobs, the works .. what do they really do for overall accuracy ?
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Welcome issacaron,
The upgrades will tighten up accuracy nicely.Your rifle will probably average .75"-1.5" at 50yds. for 5 shots.This is assuming ammo which it prefers.For your needs I would spend 35.00 for the Volquartsen target hammer.It drops in easily.Or pay a smith approx. the same amt. for a trigger job.The Volquartsen hammer will reduce pull to about 2.5lbs.For your wants at this time that is all I would do to it.You will not need the Volquartsen sear....just the target hammer.Good luck. :)
first thing you can do is purchase a VQ hammer, it'll cost you somewhere around 32 bucks from one of our sponsors. This will make the trigger pull easier.

after that I learned to bed/float my barrel, I figured it was my original stock and I eventually planned on replacing it, so that was a good place to start. The rifle got fairly accurate after that.

from there, in the Action and Tips/Tricks forum you can find all kinds of neat things to occupy your time, there are overtravel adjustment screws, bolt chamferring, polishing the internal parts, etc. It just depend on how far you want to go with it.

then finally if you choose you can add a stock and barrel to it, again, from our sponsors and the For Sale forum you can get some really nice deals if you are patient.
Thank you both for the info. I was really curious where i would start my 10/22 project. Im not sure how far i want to go yet, but im sure once i get started ill be hooked.

This may be a little off topic but do bolt bumpers actually "reduce felt recoil and improve accuracy" as they boast ?
issacaron,Glad to have you aboard. weaponcrafts, bolt buffers are the best,and yes they do work to soften the "clack" of the bolt hitting the rearward stop pin.It makes shooting the 1022 a completely different expierence.As far as more accurate, theoretically anything that reduces vibration in a rifle helps accuracy,im sure it helps but its not going to noticeably shrink group size,but it will make shooting those groups more pleasurable. :D
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