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Fiocchi, Ginex, Murom Small Rifle Primers

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My supply of small rifle primers is getting low,
searching for replacements shows most of my favorites aren't available.
Those that are have scalper prices I'm unwilling to pay.
I see Ginex, Murom and Fiocchi are in stock, which I've never tried.
Any comments/experience with those brands of primers?
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I have used thousands of Ginex of all sizes and they have been great.
On a few occasions my G17 wouldn’t ignite my Ginex 9mm reloads, & no 2nd strike ability, so eject…However my Beretta 90-Two has no issues. Ginex sells here for C$100.00 a thousand.
I really liked the Fiocchi primers. Alot. Sold in trays of 1500, kinda unusual, but convenient. One of the far away LGS here had some: C$189.99 for a brick of 1500, before taxes & shipping.
I picked up a 5K case of Ginex SPP from a local auction back in December for $202.77 OTD. I've loaded 400 so far and they've all gone bang out of my Sig classic P series and my two FN 509 pistols. I like them so much that I sold off 10K of older Winchester SPP for $80.00 a brick last week.

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Fiocchi are amongst the best to be had. My only complaint with Ginex primers is that they can be harder to seat. However, they go boom every time.
Of the listed, I've only used Fiocchi from a previous shortage. 150 to a box, 1500 to a sleeve, sure glad I bought a lot of them. I have no complaints with them.
Sounds like I should try some Fiocchi and Ginex.
Some fair prices on those compared to what is being sold locally
even after shipping and hazmat fees.
I’ve had problems with Ginex seating in new brass. Large pistol mostly. Once fired brass no problems. AP brass. 45 Colt, 44 Mag and 44 Special. They rarely don’t go bang. Had a couple of .38 specials that had to be struck twice.
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