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Finally finished my new 10/17 conversion rifle and took it up to the range yesterday. Since a lot of my build decision were made based upon information from this web site I thought I would post a range report.

First a little about the rifle.
I bought the original rifle last winter with the intentions of building a 10/17.
After a lot of barrel considerations I settled on a Stainless Clark Midweight barrel.
The next choice was the stock. I ended up purchasing a Richards Microfit Stock. I believe the model name is the “Tack Driver”. After waiting for almost 2 months the stock came in the mail. I was sort of disappointed by how rough the stock was for the price I paid. But, after lots of sanding and fitting I think the stock turned out great.
The internals on the rifle are your normal “have to haves”:
VQ Extractor
VQ Hammer
VQ Extended Mag release.
Auto bolt release modification
Weapon Craft buffer

While I was waiting on the stock from Richards I sent the bolt to CPC to have him work his magic. I figured the bolts (I sent 3 total) would be back about the time the stock showed up, but CPC was crazy fast on his turn around and I had them back in 2 ½ weeks. That includes shipping to and from Alaska.

Well I was worried that I would have to do some reliability/accuracy tweaking on the first range day to get things working so I took my whole tool bag to the range. I first fired a few rounds to make sure everything worked and cycled right. I carefully inspected the ejected casings to find no bulging.
I started sighted in the rifle at about 60 yards to shoot some test groups as I broke in the barrel. This gun shoots tight groups with no fliers….well no fliers induced by the gun.

In total I shot 100 rounds with NO malfunctions. I can’t wait to hit the range and work this gun some more.

I’ll post some gun/target pictures to this thread as soon as I can.
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