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finished my 10/22 (for now ;))

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Hi, everyone! I finally got all the extra parts in my 10/22 that I want. Shortly after I got it I put in a VQ hammer. Tonight I put in an VQ auto bolt release, VQ extended mag release, VQ extractor, and WeaponKraft bolt buffer. I also got Tipton snap caps, a bore snake, and new rings for my scope (it came w/ really cheap rings).

I have a few quick questions if you don't mind. Is it normal to have noticeable movement in the trigger before it breaks? It doesn't bother me I just want to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Also when I shake the gun (not violently of course) it makes a rattle sound. I think it is just the bolt, but I want to make sure it is normal. And then my biggest concern, on the top of the bolt there is a hole where it looks like a pin should go but there is no pin. I can't imagine that I would lose a pin because whenever I completely dissassemble the gun I do it on a sheet. Is there something that is supposed to go there? Thanks!

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Are you talking about the hole in the rear portion of
the bolt? If you take a closer look, you will see a hollow
roll pin inside the hole. This pin retains the firing pin and
limits the firing pin's forward and reaward movement. They
don't fall out as they have quite a bit of tension on them, and,
it usually takes a hammer to seat them.

Regarding your trigger movement. Is it trigger creep that you
are experiencing? The Volquartsen hammer does not significantly
shorten the length of trigger pull. It does a little bit, but not drastically.
If you are experiencing some trigger creep, try polishing the trigger
return plunger, and the surface where it contacts the back of the trigger.
This can reduce the drag caused buy a rough surface.

Otherwise, your trigger will break in and should smooth out after
some use.

Hope this helps. I though I would chime in since nobody else


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Thanks for the response! I guess there is a pin there. I wish I could shoot my .22 today but I work from 4:30-10 after school. :( Oh well, without my job I couldn't buy more accesories. ;)

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