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fine tuning a 144

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I have been reading a lot of the other postings on the forum and learning a lot of new stuff about tuning up a rifle to improve its accuracy. Do these techniques apply to a 144? Free floating barrels? Adjusting triggers? Using trigger kits, glass bedding? Can you do this with a Mossberg or are we working with a rather more fixed entity? Let Also, last week when I was at the range I was using their rather basic bench rests and found it a little difficult to avoid resting on the sling swivel due to the fore-end brace. I assume resting on the swivel is not great. Where is the best place to rest the front stock? Questions keep coming into my head so you'll have to forgive me. Thanks for all of the help. Particulary Jay the Mossberg man. Cheers
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Weeeellll, I've been called worse, but I'm no expert. I just try to help. I'm reasonably sure free floating the barrel would help, but I wouldn't know what to do about the front band. I've never bedded a barrel. I relieved the bottom of the barrel channel for "no contact", then I carved a small piece of wood to lay into the barrel channel to the rear of the barrel band that is on the same plane as the bottom of the stock ahead of the band. I didn't "float" the barrel, I didn't want the gap alont the barrel then no gap at the band. I rest my 144 just behind the front swivel on bags, and remove the rear swivel if I use a bag back there. I will tell you that on my rifle, the tension of the barrel band screw, will affect the point of impact. You can use it like a tuner to a degree. If you have some feeler gages, check the clearance between the extreme foreward end of the stock, and the underside of the barrel as you change tension of the band screw. If you can change the clearance with the band screw, the barrel is in a bind. There is some wood-to-metal interference you may want to address. I don't know of a trigger kit for the 144 series, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. I just stoned mine and used the factory adjustment. I did, however, buy a new firing pin cuz I didn't check the action often enough while I was stoning. :mad: I wasn't stoned either......just to avoid that little issue :D
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