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Finally it is here!

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After only seven days, my cz varmint .22 has arrived. Oh boy oh boy, i can't put it down. I stoped in to pick up some wolf, and they said, oh yeah, your gun is in. It was like christmas with guns. I crossed my fingers as i opened the box, tiger stripe, tiger stripe, tiger stripe. Yes, here are some pictures, ammo testing should be posted tommorow. By the way, i love the millet angle-locks.

Shes a buiet Clark. :t :t :t :) :)
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Congratulations: I hope it shoots as well as it looks.
Rimfire Kid said:
Congratulations: I hope it shoots as well as it looks.
+1 for the looks
Very, Very Nice....

great looking stock and set up. Its funny because I was talking to Darrell Whittaker last week and he was saying how CZ isn't known for their stocks and they are "plain". That one sure isn't.

If I had the chance to do it over, I'd get a Varmint model instead of American. The extra heft makes it handle very well and the bull barrel has to help accuracy over the American in my opinion (although there have been some Varmint models that didn't shoot well).

Go out and enjoy. Thats a fine rifle.

BTW. You in Oneida County or the city?
That's a nice piece of wood.;)
Oneida city. Dan where are u from, we should get together and shoot. Cz Chris is also a member, and he is within minutes from my house.
Congrats man, you can't go wrong with that. Have a blast!
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