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Finally i got my 10/22 to the range

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I was finally able to be my 10/22 to the range yesterday. I did not have a lot of time to test for accuracy but i had a lot of fun just shooting some quick groups. The wind was blowing a bit with gusts up to about 15kmh but i was just shooting at 25 yards so it did not affect me to much. I went through about 120-130 rounds with only one misfire (from CCI blazer) and no jams at all. I tried a few different brands of ammo at 25 yards just shooting 1, 5 shot group with each ammunition. It seamed that Federal Champion and CCI blazer were about the same (I heard that these two were the same load. Is this correct) for accuracy. I tried shooting a few groups quickly with these two and my smallest group was .102 CTC shot with CCI blazers. I also shot these groups.

Here is what i have done to my 10/22

Standard Ruger Reciever and trigger
GM 20 inch bull barrel not fluted
Revival industries Yukon stock
Tasco 6-24x42 scope



.102 5 shot group.

.147 4 shot group with one flyer (i flinched or something on that shot)

.18 4 shot group with one flyer which made the group .375.

.28 5 shot group also with one flyer (flyer is touching the 4 shot group though)


.18 4 shot group with one flyer

.195 5 shot group

.23 4 shot group with one flyer

.23 4 shot group with one flyer (again)

.23 5 shot group

.255 4 shot group with two flyers (3 shot group was .095.)

As i said before though all of these groups i shot really fast, not really looking at the wind or anything. Each 5 shot group took me about 45 seconds at the most. These are all of my groups that i shot as well, i was not taking out any of the ones that i did really bad on. I hope to do some more serious testing later this month or sometime in September though.

Here is my average for both

CCI blazers = .177

Federal Champion = .22

I also feel that i took my time more on CCI blazers

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you're right the factory trigger does suck... luckily volquartsen customs have their target hammers of sale in the bargain bin right now... $20 and you get lots better trigger pull............ sounds like your rifle is a shooter though... those groups sound great!!

LIFE IS SHORT.............
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