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finally got new benches!

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finally Getting new benches!

Here is the first of three benches I'm making for my club...
Maybe we can even get some guys (or gals ) to participate in the online matches!!

of course it'll be tipped up "properly" for shooting! ;)
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That bench looks great, post the plans and material that you used. I would like to build one.

Nice job!!!!!!!!!
Welllll...here goes...

All Pressure treated wood.
4x4s for the legs and that small block in the lower front
legs are 28 1/2 inches long
top is 37 inches wide in front, 24 in back...
top planks are 2x6 decking I took off a friend's deck I tore up.
other dimensions are unknown at this time 'cause I just winged it ...

I have to make two more so I have to check the dims on this one ...but in reality...it isn't SUPER critical...just keep things square and plumb...and it'll be fine.
I used 3 inch galvanized Deck screws to put the top on as well as the 2x4 "T" brace at the bottom.... also used 6" (over-kill perhaps) lag bolts on legs...with three deck screws 'surrounding' the lag bolts for added comfort.
I used empty 22lr cases to space the top planks... so figuring dimesions from my pictures should not be super tough.

Sooooo...to make a long story shorter, there were no plans except for in the minds' eye....
I must give credit to a couple of hints to a friend from the Club that came over to help. THANK YOU ED!
( he also did the pre-drilling with his 'speed-bore' bit for the lag bolts and some of his tools were used...like the drill and wrench)

In any event, when I 'reverse engineer' this bench for the plans to the others, I'll put it into Visio and save as a BMP file so I can post it for you! hows that??
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Thanks for the info, I am off this Friday, so i am going to go to Home Depot to buy all my materials.

Wish me luck. Your new bench looks super.

Hey Wolf

I had a pretty busy weekend but I managed to get the time to do the measurements....Soooo I'll be drawing this up in Visio tonight and perhaps I can post the picture later this evening...

I am thinking the dimensions should be tweaked a little...the 24 inch wide rear is too wide...I'm cutting it to 20 inches and for ease of planning materials, the front width will be 36 inches.

With this list of materials, you'll have enough to make a seat as well....you'll need more screws than I've listed if you make a seat.
qty length mat'l
1 12' 2x4
3 10' 2x6
1 10' 4x4
1 12' 2x6
5 4" Lag Screw/bolt with washers
70 3" Galvanized Deck Screws

How'd you do at HomeDepot??
Have you started on the bench yet??
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Just got back from Home Depot. I am going to assemble my new bench out at the club. Thanks for all of your help.


Here is the quick drawing I did up the other night...
I think it's all correct....sure hope so...I'm using this drawing to make the other benches at the club! :D

How did yours turn out??
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Really nice bench you built. I'm curious as to what your seats look like? I would really appreciate it if you could post a picture.

Well... I didn't make any seats.

I figured I did THIS much for the club at no cost to the club...and I take my own seat....someone else can come up with the rest of the story. I also bought a 20x10 foot car-port for using as a shelter while shooting at these benches....at no cost to the club....Not that I'll ever mention that again....:rolleyes:

Typically, seats are 17" give or take an inch tall....
I use a $7 folding 'tripod' style seat, with a Cordura cloth seat, that I found at Kittery Trading Post (much like L.L.Bean or a small Cabela's, etc) and it is perfectly suited for the job.
Thank you

Thanks Warner Will. I have been looking for something like this. Got mine done today, all built from scrap wood I had laying around. Getting closer to being setup for the email matches.
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