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Fenix Flashlights and Carhartt Clothing Great Discounts for Military and First Responders

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I've mentioned previously that Carhartt offers 25% off for prior prior military service, leo, and emts https://www.carhartt.com/

Then I just noticed yesterday that Fenix who makes some pretty cool flashlights offers 30% off for same. Fenix Flashlights | World Leader in Fenix® Sales | Fenix Lighting USA

Both sites use "ID.ME" to verify so you just have to register (free) and then at checkout click the ID.ME button and get the discount.

For prior service: Instantly Verify Your Military Status Online | ID.me

For leo/emt Instantly Verify Your First Responder Status Online | ID.me

Hope that saves some of you some money!

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I've got several Fenix flashlights and they are great. Highly recommend.
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Love my Fenix lights and my Carhartts.
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