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Took my new 10/22 to the range for the 1st time. I could not get it to hit paper. it was hitting way left, adjust windage.. Still hitting left.. mess a bit with elevation and finally git it on paper.. 100rds later, I am still all over the target.. Wait, what is this.. scope set elevation turret on the top... 1/4 turn of the tube and I am grouping on paper , slight adjustments and I am knocking the x out of the target... but out of ammo..

Was a bit angry so out came the K98.. open sights Boom @ 50 yards I knocked the center out of a .5" dot on a piece of notebook paper with it the 3rd shot.
Day ended well and now I have the 10/22 to kill some paper with after i get a few more boxes of ammo.

By the way SK standard ammo seems to shoot cleaner than any 22 ammo I have ever shot!
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