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Federalon sale

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Picked up a couple bricks of Federal Premium 17g yesterday. $8.99/50 @ Vance in Columbus, OH. On sale until the 26th.
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Dang, thanks for causing me to spend 100 bucks...:gun4:

edit: They ship pretty fast too, took about 3 days from when I ordered in my case to get some.
Cost me $150...:bthumb:
It was so good, it cost me another 100...:bthumb: And seriously, they ship fast.
my local sporting store had federal for $9.99. i picked up a few boxes :bthumb:
they only had the 17gr hp, which i never shot before, so i limited myself to 4 boxes.
Aw hell it's still on special, I had to order more after testing out what I bought earlier this morning... Good stuff in my CZ 453 17HMR.
If I can get $8.99 per box by me, I'll stock up for sure. I normally buy at a local store since I don't have to wait for delivery, but some of the online prices are looking pretty good in comparison.
Just got 500 in today from Vance, with shipping it comes out to .20 cents apiece. I can't find them around home for less than .26 ea. including tax
Thanks for the heads up.

Comes to 20cents per round shipped.
Just a heads up that now they have the Hornady 17gr on sale for the same price.
Just a heads up that now they have the Hornady 17gr on sale for the same price.
Son of [email protected]#, I told myself I'd stop buying the federal ammo and wait for a deal on Hornandy... That didn't take long... 10 boxes please...
Those Vance outdoor people ship fast! Two days from ordering to my doorstep.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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