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I'm not a competitive shooter, just a plinker. But, I like good ammo to try and shoot small groups.

So, I tried a bunch and found my rifle likes the 711B. Hence, a large order of it from an internet dealer.

When I recieved it, some was the dimpled stuff my rifle liked, and some was sans dimple.

The rifle shoots both the same level of accuracy. Problem is, I get around a 10% misfire rate with the new flat based stuff. This is just enough to make shooting a chore instead of fun. I have a lot of this stuff and it fails in my 10/22, my Mark II, and a friends 10/22. It isn't the firearm - it IS the ammo.

The dealer who sold me the ammo said he had no other complaints on it. Guess he doesn't want to replace it or refund. Pity. I need to order a lot of .223 for my new M16. Guess I'll look elsewhere for that.
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