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I had read some posts on RFC which stated that the "new" Federal Premium .22lr was none other than "repackaged" 711b ... PROBABLY NOT !

I tested both checking velocity using a H&R mod. 12, 28" barrel and a Izsmach CR-2, 20" barrel ... Weather 80F moderate humidity, an average summer day ...

Federal Premium :

Mod. 12 ... Velocity 1163 fps ..... CR-2 velocity 1157 fps

Federal 711b

Mod. 12 ...1106 fps ..... CR-2 velocity 1096

Observations & Comments :

Total Cartridge weight and rim thicknesses appear to be alot more consistant than those of the 711b ...

The velocity spread of eight out of ten groops (Fed P) was less than 30 fps. /w four groops less than 15 fps ... With 711b a spread of 30+ fps was more common than not !

Audibly, the sound of shots fired was uniform for the most part .. No misfires or "pops" ...

Cnclussions :

The Federal Premium is a "HUGE Improvement" over any of the Federal ammunition I've tested since the ammunition Federal loaded for the 1981 Olympics ! ! !

"Side Bar" :

Shooting the Federal Premium BR from one of the three H&R mod. 12's I possess @ 100 yds., the groops were of ESPN quailty with one groop an honest 3/8", a fluke probably, the average being 1 1/4" or less ... The same rifle was also tested using Lapua Master M, Super Club, Eley TR, Club X-tra, EPS, Win. T-22, Wildcat, X-Pert, Power Points, High Velocity, and PMC Scoremaster ... The Federal Premium was the most accurate and had the MOST consistant velocity ! ! !

My other two mod. 12's shoot it with "just average" accuracy ...

I would recommend giving the ammunition a "look see" as it ain't the "old 711b" :D I give it :t :t :t up ! ! !
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