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Father and son GM barrels

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I’m relatively new to posting here. I’ve read this forum a lot over the years. My son and I bought matching 10/22 carbines in 2007. I think it was near the end of the aluminum trigger housing time. Our guns have the aluminum trigger housing and our serial numbers are 3 digits apart.

My son was in high school and getting ready for college at the time. One year for Christmas I bought him a 20” GM fluted sporter barrel and bought a used sporter stock for his gun and put it together for him while he was away for college.

About the same time I got a 18” GM fluted bull barrel and OD Hogue stock for mine. Both guns are pretty much stock Ruger otherwise. I have done some hammer stoning and polishing on mine and just polished his trigger group. Other than auto bolt release and aftermarket bolt stops and mag release levers, the trigger groups are all stock Ruger.

Yesterday I took them both to the range to see how they compare with different ammo. Ammo was CCI-SV, CCI MMs, Tac22, Aquila SV and Fed AutoMatch. The 20” sporter rifle I think is sighted in at 25 y with HV ammo, probably Mini Mags. The 18” bull barrel rifle was sighted in with CCI-SV at 50 y. The targets below were from 25 y with the fore end supported with a bag. I’m not a great shot but I’m pretty happy with the results. The crazy thing is one of the best groups from each rifle is with the AutoMatch. It’s always shot reliably for me in my 10/22’s.
Shoot safe!
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Im about where you are with my setup. I got a new scope and once sighted in at 50y I think my next step will me tuning the hold down screw. I just gave the gun a good cleaning which I should have done before I went to the range. My bolt face was nasty and I sanded it down to 1500grit. My head space now it at .045 . It did seem to like CCI standards which have a rim thickness of .042. Still a work in progress but thats what makes it fun. ;-)
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