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Falling disc for SA and HJ

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most people know the target from the book "Training Rifles of Third Reich Germany" by Robert Simpson.

There were also other targets for SA and HJ.
The most common were folding targets made of plywood. I have a scan of an original SA design drawing.

Here I would like to show an original metal target.
I have never seen the disc before.
All the more I am happy to have it in my collection.
The disc is 100% original.

the use or publication of the pictures by other persons is not allowed without my permission.

here in comparison with one as in the book(replica)
The dimensions of the folding disc from the book were sent to me by steve whitley-thanks again for that
The front panel is now made of thicker sheet metal.

I hope I could show here for collectors something interesting.
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nice looking targets , wish i had a place to use them , my range does not allow steel and my house is in the middle of town ,
I would never think of shooting at the original target.
You can't get them just like that...I'm glad to have a real one.
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