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Fairfax Rod and gun war rifle match.

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To the people who missed out on this match, you should give it a try next time it rolls around. It was well run, lots of fun and with the scale reduction on the targets, it's quite challenging. The match director and attendees were all very friendly and helpful, all in all a great venue. Even though I shot my worst ever score and was frozen to the core, I had a lot of fun. Moving the match to a summer month would definetly increase attraction to us fair weather shooters though. But cold or hot, it's a must do match for any silhouette shooter within driving distance.
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High Power matches March - October 1st Sunday of the month are pretty much the same thing, minus the egg shoot. AR outlaw class allows anything.

I'm surprised nobody hit the egg, but that means next year the winnings will be even more!
I hope it's warmer next year. Hopefully I'll have changed the front sight on my mauser so I can use it next time. I'm sure I can't do any worse.:)
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