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MojoJojo said:
i have this problem (minor) with my 10/22 noted after i change may barrel to "bull" one. during a normal firing sequence it extracts normally but after firing ,for example when i extract the ammo manually, it wont extract. it remains in the chamber. do i need to replace my extractor? the stock extractor seems fine, no chip or anything. rifle is clean also. just fired a total of 500 rounds since i got it.

thanks for any input :D


I don't worry about the condition. Like the others have said it clearly says it won't extract sometimes. On my barrels the extractor will extract the spent cartridge about 98% of the time. Just keep the chamber clean and continue to shoot. Your delime might clear itself up later on as your barrel breaks--in nmore.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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