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failure to eject

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Hi guys,
Just recently bought a 10/22 carbine and love it except for one little snag.
Every twenty to twenty five rounds a get a casing that does not fully eject and jams the action open. I have tried three different ammos and I get the same result. I would venture a guess that the extracter just isn't releasing properly but I am not one hundred percent sure. All other times the cartridges eject with excellent force. I have about 1000 rounds through the gun and otherwise I love it. has anyone seen this before?
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Clean your rifle real good. Pay special attention to the bolt face, extractor groove and chamber. Tune your mags. There are directions around here somewhere. Use a light coat of quality Dry Lube (Remmington Dry Lube works great)
Get yourself a VQ extractor and a weaponskraft bolt buffer. See if that helps.

Extractor from Hawktech=$12
Bolt buffer from weaponskraft=$6

If that doesn't help, send your bolt to Randy at CPC=$50, and polish your guide rod with fine sandpaper= free time

All these things together will help make your 10/22 run more reliably and smoother. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, it's still good practice to do all these things .

good luck,

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hey thanks guys. I pulled my gun right apart this time and scrubbed every piece.
What I found was some burrs on the extractor claw. I filed these down and polished it with some crocus cloth, then oiled and reintalled everything. I tried it out in the field and so far it seems to be o.k. I am going to get a buffer and the vq claw in the near future, along with some other mods. I also need to know if anyone has had issues with yellow jackets. They work good with my ruger clip but with my butler creek 25 rounder I find they jam. Is there any other high cap that will work with these? I love using them to drop gophers out in the pasture.
thanks again for the help. :D
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