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Ruger has cancelled & restarted the 10/22M 5 times over the history of the rifle.

Reportedly they can't get the perfect cycling on Every rifle that they want...which has been the hard part of .22Magnum semi-auto actions since they first tried to do it. When you look thru the history of Semi-auto .22WMR's, you find that there were less than a dozen prior to 2000.

AMT made one that stinks called the Automag II...unlike the other Automags, the Automag two had problems from the getgo and it never got any better. High Standard bought the rights to make the Automags, and has re-issued the AutomagII, but they didn't CHANGE the problem that was driving everyone nuts in the first place with it...those micro-chamber holes that were supposed to help extraction...don't after a magazine or two. It takes amazingly small amounts of crud to stop 'em up. Reportedly HS is looking for a cure...

Grendel made three pretty good ones (P-30/P-31/R-31)...but they got killed by Bill Clinton's Assault Weapons Ban. Went out of biz and the main guys who worked there went & formed Kel-Tec. But they've not put out a new .22WMR...probably something to do with patent rights...who knows?

Marlin made the 922...which from all reports worked well, but never sold well. So it was dropped from the lineup. I partially believe it was not helped by Marlin's weird number system & lack of advertising because nobody who was looking for a .22 WMR semi-auto at the time even heard of it until AFTER they stopped making them...the biggest ad for them was the News Flash that they weren't going to make them any more!! LOL

There are a couple more out there, but currently the only .22magnums that still sell well are the Bolt-actions & single-action revolvers & derringers...mostly because nobody can make one that works, then manage to Advertise it so that everyone KNOWS about it. Ruger being the most frustrating because they keep starting & stopping production on them.

There's a rumour that Ruger sold out the .22WMR stuff to Magnum Research...don't know if there's anything to that, I'd prefer to see some actual paperwork for proof :)
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