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factory mannlicher 10/22?

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Last week i bought a s/s ruger 10/22 with a factory mannlicher laminated stock in sort of an olive green color - sn# 239-80XXX. The dealer thought it was one of a limited ruger production run for a new york distributer, but so far I don't know anything else. Anybody out there know anything?
Also, I'd like to get a good price on a Simmons 3x9x32 AO #1022T Scope with weaver mounts - any ideas?
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Thanks for the reply - I've been in the middle of moving, so computer time is rare - got the Simmons 3x9x32 1022T from Natchez for $104 and it's a perfect size for this "wallyworld" international stock of mine. Took everybodys advice and went with PC mount and Burris Zee rings - I'll try and post a pic soon.
Also, will get a competition trigger group from Hornet in Fla. - Packed with VQ parts - Can't wait to drop it in.
Ok another question - Somewere I saw a bolt handle for the 1022 that had a black ball on the extended end and now I can't find it anywere - any ideas?
Thanks, now this presents another dilema - buy a VQ bolt assembly for big bucks, buy a Hornet speed bolt assembly with VQ parts for $85 or add VQ parts to my bolt for cheaper and am I a good enough shooter to notice the difference in function and accuracy?
Anybody out there experimenting with 1022 bolts?
Thanks Andy,
Well I got carried away last nite and ordered the extended titanium one from On Target here in Cleveland - Jeez -I shouldn't be such an exciteable guy for 54, but I had a chance to put 400 rounds thru it yesterday for the first time, and I swear it took 40 years off my life.
Everybody has been so helpful at this site, now I just have to settle down and let you advanced guys teach me the stuff.
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