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factory iron sight setting?

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what range are the factory iron sights set to? (carbine)

seems to be pretty much right on at 50-75' anyone know for sure?

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I have seen some sighted in at 50 yards from factory, some way off paper, I assume it's a luck shot if it's sighted in or not. They are adjustable, I doubt Ruger does a accuracy or sight in test
mine came from factory set and we were hitting woodchucks at 100 yards (no joke at all) my brother and i were impressed. Sure do miss those open sights, but the cz has better sights ;) tried nailing a woodchuck at 140 yards (according to my dad) but i had it set at 125 because thats what i thought it was till i found out later. missed.
From the store my 10/22 was shooting about 1.5 inches high and right at 25 yards with the iron sights. I've since zeroed out the windage and brought the elevation back to about 3/4 inch high. Should be pretty spot on at 100 yards (haven't been to a 100 yard range yet, going tomorrow)

My new 10/22 seemed pretty accurate at 50 & 100 yards, 1 1/2" high and right. I was able to compensate though. Nice tight groups.
guess its all over the place. guess i shouldnt be suprised
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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