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Extended magazines?

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Anyone know if there are any extended magazines out there?
The ones that came with the gun feel very short for me. Basically want to have a little more substantial feel to it.
Also, are there any after market grips, such as Pachmyer or is that not possible due to the grip/frame design?
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Earl's and Butler Creek #50542

Extended magazine: http://www.waltherusa.net/images/p22_mb_ers.jpg

from here: http://www.waltherusa.net/p22t.htm

As per adding more substance, try this: go to a Sports shop, Tennis Dep. and ask for the racket grip. Pick a black one (they are self-adhesive). Wrap it around the P22, as if it were a tennis racket. Then, slip over a BUTLER CREEK Universal "Slip-On" grip #50542 MEDIUM (Compact Large Autos), and you are done!
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