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Evolution if any of Win 52 barrels for accuracy

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I had an opportunity to examine a 52 pre A and 52B recently for sale. I realized how little I knew about these guns. I came back to this forum and also did a quick read a wiki pedia.

I think I have a general handle on triggers, actions, and stocks. What I have not found are reference to how the barrel making may have evolved over time.

Specifically were all 52 choke or taper bored? Or when did that start?

Logically, I would expect a lot more care into an Olympic grade E than a sporter. How does a D compare to a B? Or, exactly what models and when are the key differences in boring and chambering barrels?
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200 yds? That make the end shoot less than 1 MOA.
Wouldn't it be interesting to see how many man hours were involved in producing a 52 in 1939 vs a CZ today?
These tests were shot in a very controlled environment off benches that were locked down like a vise. They were going for the best they could get. No off hand, no sitting or even prone for these tests.
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