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Evolution if any of Win 52 barrels for accuracy

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I had an opportunity to examine a 52 pre A and 52B recently for sale. I realized how little I knew about these guns. I came back to this forum and also did a quick read a wiki pedia.

I think I have a general handle on triggers, actions, and stocks. What I have not found are reference to how the barrel making may have evolved over time.

Specifically were all 52 choke or taper bored? Or when did that start?

Logically, I would expect a lot more care into an Olympic grade E than a sporter. How does a D compare to a B? Or, exactly what models and when are the key differences in boring and chambering barrels?
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Houze book, etc.

fourbore- the Winchester 52 book by Houze has been listed on used book sources for big bucks, as you know. The publisher at one time released a paperback edition, so there is some hope we may see another printing, but unlikely considering the market. If you contact your local library you may order a copy Interlibrary loan, to browse and freely copy from. The book is comprehensive in detailing changes made over time to improve lock time, ergonomics, trigger pull and many other factors. Winchester responded to the needs of the shooting market and had shooters on their staff who were personally involved in improving the rifles accuracy, reputation and sales appeal. Unfortunately the text doesn't delve into rifling processes or specifications. The barrels may have been finish lapped, but as far as an intentional choke I won't speculate.
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