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Ever Heard Of This Scope?

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Saw these today and thought they looked pretty decent.

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Interesting, they list a number of dealers in LA on their website, be cool to go check them out, they have some cool looking scopes on their site. That sidewinder is pretty interesting. Supposedly they are all Japanese glass and built in Japan, course that doesn't garuntee anything but it's at least less risky that those made elsewhere.

The kicker for me is that for that kind of money, it'd better have decent glass in it. I don't want ANY distortion at low power. Granted were not talked ED here, but fence posts and telephone poles better appear straight up and down not as a curved line if I'm smaking down $200+ ... I just tried a swift premier, Japanese glass, suppsedly great scope... never got it mounted, took it out of the box, looked at my test pattern, boxed it up, and sent it straight back to midway. About the same scope only $50 or so less. This isn't the first time I've tried off brands either, they typical go back or get sold. What would be really telling is if I could find out the markup on those. Seeing that it comes from EABCO, I am sure they wholesale for a lot less and that's kind of a warning flag to me. Once you crest into the $200+ retail range there are a number of good known quanity scopes out there that it has to compete with.

I would love nothing more than to find out these guys are a dark horse, a real contender. There are two dealers here in OH, both within striking distance. Work will take me past one dealer in about a month, I'm gonna stop in and check them out.
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