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essentials for MkII 22/45 slabside target

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essentials for MkII 22/45 slabside target?

I just got a used MkII 22/45 slabside target (competition?) model blued, and want to jive it up,... -any essential mods or must haves?
-I was looking at the Ultimate loader, a few spare mags,... (any idea who has the best prices on these?)

and i was told about a brownells take down kit to make things easier to take down, but i have not found this part online.

Yes i have pleanty of ammo already, and i just ordered a weigand to fit my Leupold Gilmore on her...

what else would set this party off? (nothing crazy, just tastefull needful things)
any and all input would be appreciated. thx
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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