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Escutcheon (for Annie) and Pillars

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Good day all,

Sorry to ask about non-10/22 in this section but thought you guys could help. I have 10/22 Escutcheon (from Brownell's) but I'm building a few Anschutz BR stocks and wanted to see if you all could help me find oversized Escutcheon type cups that the action bolts would sit in on the stocks. Any suggestions?

Also, some stocks will be pillared or blocked. I have a few for CZ455s I got from DJ years ago but I was looking for some additional options. Yes, I can take the time to custom make them but I'm not in that field so it would take a really long time or I would have to pay to have them made. I have the Brownells pillar bedding sleeves and another type from Amazon but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a little more substantial (beefier) option that I would do the final fitting. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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No responses so doing it myself.

Ordered aluminum “spacers” off Amazon and will drill countersink holes. They come in a wide variety of sizes.
did you check with Raven Eye Custom, to see if they had anything you could use?

Butt end of a cf cartridge?
If you dont have a lathe chuck up in a drill press and go at it with files for the OD, countersink the primer pocket for the size screw.
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I use two 308 cases, drilled out and soldered together to get the correct length for the original takedown screw. Drill an oversized hole in the stock and epoxy in. Been doing this for years and never had one fail. Any centerfire case should work. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a gunstock.
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