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Enter July 50Y Vintage Smallbore

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1. WEIGHT: No restrictions on weight, but the rifle must not exceed the original factory weight. No additional weight allowed.

2. STOCKS: Must have original stock. Or: if the stock as been modified or the original stock has been replaced with a custom, a factory stock of the same type as the original may be used. Glass bedding is allowed.

3. BARREL: Rifle must have original barrel, with no barrel tuner. The factory barrel may be shortened and recrowned. Rechambering is not allowed.

4. SCOPE POWER: No restriction on scope power.

5. TRIGGER: Must be mechanical. No electric or remote triggers. Trigger parts/springs or custom triggers may be installed for a light pull. Must be safe.

6. RESTS: Front and rear rests, not connected and filled with sand. Windage and elevation adjustments are allowed on the front rest. BiPod front rest allowed. A large single sand bag of the "Bulls Bag" type would be allowed.

7. AMMUNITION: Not to exceed $11.00 per box of 50. Price will be before shipping or taxes.
(No Eley Red Box, Lapua Midas or RWS R50)
Prices listed on the Champion Shooters Supply Website will be our "standard price list".
The Champion Shooters Supply website:
Click on "Ammunition" on the left side of the home page.
Discontinued match grade ammunition is considered to be in the same price range as similar ammunition in current production. (No Federal 1000 A or B).
With the cost of ammunition rising: We will adjust prices in the future.

8. RESTRICTIONS: Any rifle with a benchrest type stock or a custom action or a factory action that has been "blueprinted" will not be allowed in this class. A benchrest stock is one that has a foreend with a flat bottom, more than 2.7 inches wide, and/or has the bottom of the buttstock parallel or near parallel to the bottom of the foreend.
Other rules that apply are General Rules for the RFC On-Line Matches.
9. From the front edge of the bench to the face of the target: 50 yards.

10. A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed to fire all sighter shots and one shot at each of the 25 record bulls.

11. If a rifle fits the rules for more than one rifle class, you may enter the rifle in each of those classes. Before you start a target, you write the rifle class on the target and enter that score in that rifle class. Do not enter that score in more than one match. You may shoot a maximum four targets per month in each rifle class where the rifle fits the rules. Post your best score(s) in the correct match thread for the month.

12. You may shoot more than one rifle each month: Not more that four targets per rifle.

13. You may shoot on an indoor range from December to March. If you shoot indoors: Type (INDOORS) at the beginning of the third line of your score report. Because it is HOT in our Southern States in the Summer (And in Australia and South American,in our winter): Anyone who has access to a 25 and or 50 yard indoor range, may shoot the RFC matches INDOORS, as long as they indicate "INDOORS" in their score reports."

14. Junior Shooters: The minimum age of a young person allowed in these competitions will be determined by the parent. A Junior shooter is a young persons who has not reached the age of 18. If your are a Junior: Type (Age 14): Or whatever your age, at the end of the first line of your score report.

15. If you have a screen name: Put that at the end of the first line: (*******)
Feel free to post details of your equipment, weather reports and excuses. Posting encouragement and a little kidding as we have done in the past would be a good thing too.
Format Example:
249-15x John Doe. Columbia, South Carolina. (*******)
Suhl 150. Weaver T-36. Eley Black Box.
Factory barrel. 2 oz. trigger. McMillan stock. Cowen front rest.
Sunny day. 5 mph wind: 3 to 5 o'clock
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222-1X, Rick Heffron, Emporia Kansas, (RAH)
CMP Kimber 82G, Tasco 10-40 in BKL rings, PMC Match Pistol (22MP)
Calwell Rock with Protektor bags front and rear
07/13/2008, 83*, Clear, Wind 7 mph at 7:00

My best effort so far. Scoring gauge helped for a couple - three points that I wouldn't have counted without it.

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233-2x, Dale Smith, Mansfield, TX (shakey)
Winchester 52D, T36, Kenyon, Eley Match EPS USA 1063fps,
shot 29 July, nice conditions, wind 5-10, warm at 100 deg, first 50-yard target in several months, need more practice! :eek:
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