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Enhancements worked!

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I hardly ever fired target rounds through my .22s mostly because I wouldn't be hunting with them often.

Since I built my "ultimate" 10/22, I wanted to see if the enhancements did any good. Yes they did.

I didn't write all this stuff down, or keep charts and all, but I can tell you, the enhancements tightened up the groups of every type of round I fired.

It really liked the Wolf MT. Holy cow! One stupid flyer ruined a great group. I felt myself pull the shot. Discounting the flyer, it was around 5/8 or so at 50 yards. I was shooting off just a bipod, so I could imagine what I could do with a real rest. I may get some bags or something, because I'm really curious now.
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What enhancements?

FWIW, I have found that if I don't keep really accurate records of loads and accuracy, I just end up forgetting what I have done with which rifle. I always record on a sheet of lined paper, date, weather conditions, stock & barrel (receiver and trigger usually stays together with the stock, but I note that if any change).

Then I list the loads down the left hand column and the measurements in 3 columns. I always shoot at least 3 x 5 shot groups. This way if there are anomalies like one really crappy group out of 3 or a flier in every group or whatever, I will 'know' that when I review that information a month from now when I will have forgotten all those little details.

Then once I have that complete gun's favorite 2 or 3 loads, I write them down on a little scrap of paper and tape it to the barrel or stock so every time I grab one, I know with absolutely certainty what ammo to take with me.

Unless I get bored and take a couple apart and start swapping barrels and all that stuff, then I get to start all over!! Wheeeee... Now what other hobby allows you to tear your hobby apart and start over with the fun stuff... like shooting!?
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