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Empty 22 boxes & bricks wanted.

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I collect ( for fun not profit) 22 rimfire boxes & bricks.
They need not be old ,just ones i don't have.
Anyone else collecting these out there ?
If you have empties you don't want you can send them with the innards taken out & just fold them flat,(the cheapest way.).
i do have some doubles to trade or if you have any you don't want i may buy them .
I have pics available to see if you have some i don't.
please e-mail me ;[email protected]
thanks regards,Rick ,in Nfld.,Canada.
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Im collecting what I can at the local range , for all you North Americans / Canadians , that are collecting empties ... Here is the variety I have ATM . Some are one only , some are 10+ , I want to collect some more , and will let you guys put your hand's on the collection in 2006 ...

Hmmm . ok you collect Bricks as well , ill see what I can do !

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