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Ejector question?

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Hey guys:

I recently purchased a new silver housing for my 10/22 since the old housing was pretty beat up from years of use. When i installed the new trigger group into the new housing I noticed that I had to forceably push the ejector down in the slot. It doesnt have very much play. Being relatively new to the "gunsmithing" trade I need your help about what i need to do. Should i file the area out so it has a little bit more freedom or leave it as is. I guess I could try shooting it and see if it functions correctly.

I am not really too schooled in the inner workings of the 10/22 to know what everything does, but I knew the place to come!
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Tight is very good, you got lucky... Push ejector down in slot than tap it some more lightly with a small hammer... I do a lot of trigger jobs and for the loose ones I put a drop of glue on the bottom of ejector than tap into place to bottom it out... I learned to do that mostly for shipping reasons, so ejector does not swing backwards and get installed in receiver wrong...
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