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Eight Shot Single Six ?

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I’m a little bored, and I ran across some eight shot cylinders for the Ruger
Single Six. A couple of the people I passed along the Ruger Bisley stainless
revolvers want a magnum cylinder. I bought a new stainless magnum cylinder
a couple of years back, but ebay prices soared. They sell for very close to what Ruger
charges to fit a magnum cylinder to the Bisley. The cost of the six or eight shot replacement blued cylinder has become a very attractive option, since it is about fifty to sixty percent of other options. I’m going to try a couple of their cylinders, but, I wondered if anyone here has tried them ? They are guaranteed to fit and function.
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You are not getting a lot of responses. I am knocking around the idea of getting the six shot mag cylinder. Every thing I read is they are good with minimal work on your part if any. I contacted them back before T day and they did not have any 8 shot in stock.
I bought an 8 shot LR cylinder from Midway several years ago for my Single Six. I believe it was manufactured by Story. Dropped in with no fiddling whatsoever & actually indexes better than the original Ruger 22mag cylinder. Shoots fine.
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