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Egyptian Brno?

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I have Brno .22 rifle,very nice blueing and wood,beautiful rifle.99.9%.It has Egyptian writing and numbers on it.Looks like it was made in the 50s or 60s.What is the history and value of this rifle?
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If it was the one on Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons, it's a fine looking rifle. If not take a look. Mac :t
Its not, I have Had this rifle for about 10 years.Do you have a link to the other rifle?I have never seen another rifle like the one I have.Dont know anything about it.I might have to sell it.
Without seeing pictures, I can only say that this may be Brno Model #1 or #5
made either for IRAN, or BRNO made custom label " MANSUR" rifle for United Arab Emirates. Only this two models were marked - Iranian with Farsi language and Mansur with Arabic..Brno Arms Egyptian contract 1957-1963 Model #5 was all with Czchoslovakian markings since there were assembled from leftover already manufactured and stamped components.Stocks are slightly modified MOdel #1, barrel is 100% Model #1 and receiver is Model #2...like one on collectible firearms web site. If any pictures are available I may be able to identify model and tell you more about it.
I found the site.My rifle is about the same style.Mine is a lot more (fancy).Different rear site.hooded front site.
You definitely have "Persian" or I might be closer to believe that is " Mansur" custom label.
Look at it some more.It does say Mansoura,made inU.A.R.
Very cool - some pics for the class would be greatly appreciated. Just for
'academic study' of course. :D

Great buy - I hope it shoots very well. :t

Try "collectiblefirearms.com/Rifles22.hmtl". Mac :t
My gosh - that is a BEAUTIFUL rifle! Lucky duck, you are :t

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OldSwede said:
Except it has a crack in the stock...:(

brnomann said:
You definitely have "Persian" or I might be closer to believe that is " Mansur" custom label.
I think I tend to agree with you Denny.

So Todd T....you still around?
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