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mbill_ said:
I have bought straight from his web page. Got my 5" and 3.5" barrels, adapters, scope mounts, a real barrel nut and wrench, 'cleaning bottle adapter' and a silencer from him. No problems so far. That's over 3 different orders.

But I covered my tracks somewhat.

The only problem I had was getting the barrels shipped to Kalifornia, they got sent back. Did the Reno PO Box scam and had it shipped there.

BTW to get the Kalifornia barrel off - 30 seconds of MEP gas on the nut, once you get the "POOF" and a flare of burning epoxy, stop, let it cool, nut spins off with fingers - cool down is about an hour, I did burn myself....

I hope you are kidding for your own sake. Even if you are kidding, YOU ARE STUPID. You bought a silencer from this guy? Can you spell ATF? Expect a visit from them real soon. They have people hired who constantly monitor all these gun boards. I bet you rode the shortbus in school, and ate rocks while you licked the windows. :bash:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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