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Easy and inexpensive way to hang a rotary tool

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I just picked up a Harbor Freight hanging rotary tool (1/4 HP 5/32 in. Grinder/Carver Rotary Tool with Flexible Shaft and Foot Pedal) using the 20% off Father's Day coupon posted on their website. My friend has one for quite a few years now and it's worked well for him. I just couldn't justify spending hundreds of dollars on better quality rotary tools right now.

I needed a way to hang it high off the work bench.

I looked around and found an old ratcheting spreading bar clamp. They run around $9 at Harbor Freight: (36 in. Ratcheting Bar Clamp/Spreader).
It even has a hole at the end of the rod to which one could hang the rotary tool...works great.
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I have a 3/4" x 1 1/2" piece of oak about 14" long screwed to the bottom of a wooden shelf over my work table and have a large cup hook screwed into each side of the outer end. I have two dremels hanging from those hooks and when out of use I coil the shafts over the hooks and swing the arm out of my way. When needed I swing it out and it gives me plenty of slack in the shaft to work with. Since I found everything in my scrap box the cost was basically nothing. Excepting the dremel tools of course.
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