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wmrimfire said:
Hello to all,

I've just bought a used Ruger with a serial number that dates back to the early-mid 70's. I wanna toss the barrel and stock to build-up another race looking rifle. My question is anything I need to know about these? My last one goes back to the 80's so I know it's fairly recent.

I have one from around 1969...ll the new parts fit perfectly...the clark barrel fit snug in the receiver and all the new rigger group pieces dropped right in. I bought a new bolt from Ruger and shipped it off to Randy and CPC...works like a champ...I did note that when I moved the parts to a newer receiver (to return the older gun back to original condition since it has a semi fancy grade walnut stock) that be barrel was decidely loose in the receiver.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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