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How many of you are using Dynapoints in High Standard guns? Are you having any problems? I for one can't even find Dynapoints in my area. The reason I'm asking is that I've seen post on here showing velocities of 1150 for the Dynapoints. Midway and other sites show the velocity to be 1550 fps. Is this enough to damage a High Standard?
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Suggest that you run a search over on the ammo section. I can tell you though that the muzzle is not 1550. That would put them in the hyper Vol.
range. I E-mailed Midway and asked them to check it out. I fire a lot of
Dynapoints in all my 22's and they are no where near 1550. If Big Mike comes
by he will let you know about Dynapoints. He went threw a lot of trouble
to find out about them. After all his checking with Winchester the muzzle Vol.
is 1150.
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