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What are they and where can I find them to see how well they shoot in my guns? Thanks

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Only Kmart has the Dynapoints, under that name. Winchester doesn't even list it on their website.

Authorized Winchester dealers can get the same round under the name Value Pack. Product name = W22LRB

Link to Win. W22LRB page


I just bought a brick at the local K-Marche. They were fairly pricey at $10.99. Are they considered to be a High-Velocity round? When I got the box home, I found the overall quality of the bullet shape doesn't look all that good. The hole in the nose seems to vary a lot and in some cases the hole is nothing more that a ragged dimple.

My box is labeled WD22LRB. I'll be trying them out tomorrow in my 10/22. If the performance isn't much better than the Wally World Federal Lightnings, I am going back to them and save 4 bucks a box and get an extra 50 rounds to boot!
Wonder if DynaPoints were better three years ago?

I read a bunch of good reports on DynaPoints over on Shooters RF room several years ago, but since Wally World had already run the only K-Mart in western Ks. out of business by then, I didn't get a chance to try DynaPoints until we were in Kansas City for the NRA's Annual Meeting in May of 2001. They're OK in my rifles - but don't shoot as good as Win. Super-X hi-vel HPs, and cost about the same. The 40gr. dimpled bullet sure puts cottontails down fast though - I gotta try them on prairie dog pups this spring. I ran a few over the chronograph over a year ago - don't know where I wrote the exact velocity down, but if memory serves, they were doing around 1120-1140fps, which is sorta in between std. vel. & hi-vel. ammo.
Yea, they are slower than most bulk ammo. In these parts, they are definetly sub-sonic in the warmer months.
They shoot very well in my rifle. They are supersonic at -20C. I've never shot them in the summer. In Canada they run for $14.50 a box at Walmart which is about the same as all other bulk 22 ammo.

I've shot on rabbit with the Dynapoint and it dropped it on the spot.

This is a totally "unscientific" opinion (read, based on my memory), but I agree that they used to be "better", if based on accuracy alone.

There was a time, as you said --about 2-3 years ago, that they became unavailable for several months, nationwide from what I gathered on the internet shooting sites. Once they became available again, they never seemed to shoot as accurately in my 541 THB, which used to really love the things. It still shoots 'em pretty good, with the ocassional flyer. Man!, if I could isolate what makes that flyer, I'd be in "bulk-pak heaven"!!

And as far as muzzle vel., right again. Winchester lists the "Value Pak", supposed to be the same round -- diff. packaging, as 1150 fps. They are definitely more quiet out of my longer barreled bolts than the other bulk pack hi-vels.

All things considered, they are still my favorite bulkpak ammo, if for nothing else than the reduced report, and the fact that they reliably cycle in all my autos --including the Colt .22LR conversion in the AR....... I'm down to 3-4000 rounds, better get to Kmart and stock up!!!! ;)

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FWIW, I shot some Dynapoints in a new GM barrel I put on this weekend along with WolfMT. I did not shoot under ideal conditions (windy, poor rest, in a hurry, etc.) by any means so don't take this too scientifically.

But, the Wolf shot right at .5" groups and the Dynapoints shot .6-.65" groups. All at 50 yds. and 5 shot groups. Also, shot some old CCI Blazer at 25yds to get on paper. All 5 groups were in one small hole.
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