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Dynapoints done good!

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After having seen several reports dissing the Winchester Dynapoint Magnums, I couldn't wait to get a couple boxes and try them. I'm funny that way - like to see for myself. I've gotten some very good guns that way! ;-)

Took my Mossberg 640KD to the range, and it loved the Dynapoints! It always hated the CCI Maximags that my Marlin so loves.
Well, I'm sold! I was shooting easy under-one-inch groups at 50 yards. The CCI's always did three inch groups at this distance in this rifle!

Now, I need to try some other types.
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My Taurus 72 pump also likes the Dynapoints. I'm not sure what the group size would be but I know they shot better than ANY of the CCI stuff. I need to get back to Wally World and pick up some more, along with the regular Winchester 40 gr stuff, and some Remington 33 grainers. Now if I could just buy some time to go shooting while I was there then I would be all set. :)
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