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DMartin said:
So I take out the factory extractor and without thinking I put it down next to the VQ extractor I'm going to replace it with.

Then I realise I didn't notice which was which - So I now have 2 extractors I can't tell apart.

The visible difference is one has a little groove on the side that sides into the bolt near the spring.

Any ideas ?
The other day I took out a checked a few extractors. The VQ was very close to factory.

I noticed the VQ had the notch/groove, was darker (heat treated, might lighten with use) and just a tad thicker than the factory. Also my VQ did not have a slight angle to the claw part. If the extractor is flat on a table you would see it on the top or bottom of the tip of the claw.
Just woundering if yours had the angle on the tip of the claw?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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