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Dual Side take-down screws

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Has anyone tried adding side take-down screws through the forearm of the stock into the action take-down block? I am considering this possibility as a means to stabilize the front/ back rock that the single screw has. I would drill and tap a hole perpendicular to, and on the same plane as the V-block screws, as close to the action as possible to create a three point method of securing the action/barrel to stock. I would also use flathead hex screws, just about long enough to reach the V-block screws, countersunk through small brass pillars to minimumize obtrusivness.

I think this would also provide some side to side tunability by tightening/losening apposing screws similar to windage adjusting scope mounts.

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Ted i still want to do your bedding idea but i havent gotten the nerve to drill 4 holes in my stock. How did you get a good measurment to transfer to the outside. One more thing do you think it would be a good idea on a wood stock to use a pillar or something like in the Volq bedding kit for a buffer between the wood and screw. It would have to be a real tight fit for it to work but me an so taking the action in and out you wouldnt waller out the holes in the stock over time. Major
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