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Dryfiring the 617

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I have read through the owners manual but could not find any information as to whether it is ok to dryfire the 617 or not. I noticed that there were quite a few 617 owners on this forum and I need a little help.
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I thought I read in the manual that it was OK, but I couldn't find it when I went back to look. At any rate, I've dry-fired mine at least as much as I've live-fired it. No damage yet.
S&W 617 Dry firing

I have also dry fired my 617; however only rarely.
I was curious about the factory policy on this issue & called S&W
Being one who has always thought it harmful to dryfire rimfires I have not used the same degree of caution on centerfire guns,thinking that the firing pin doesn't contact the edge of the chamber seemed to rationalize this.
I was told by the customer service person at S&W that rimfire products of their manufacture are " not to be dry fired!"
It was further stated that centerfire handguns of their make "may be dryfired without causing damage to the gun!"
Thanks Rod,
I was afraid that it was not ok to dryfire the 617 and now I know for sure.
Get a box of dummies from Brownells and you won't have to worry. Dry fire my K22 all the time with them in it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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