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.22 LongRifle said:
I am looking at getting a brand new buck mark camper on Tesuday and notice that when the dealer took it out of the box from the factory it was not cock with hammer down or un-cock. On the back of the barrel was a very faint indentation of where the firing pin hit the back of the barrel at 12:00 clock. Now this ding in the barrel face is very, very small. I know that you can dry fire a ruger because the hammer has to be uncocked before you can take it down but I was unawear of the fact you can dry fire A browning. The dealer had 6 more brand new unopen and all were dry fired :eek: Is this something that browning does just for shipping the guns? Now I'm not talking about just sitting around and snaping the gun 100s of times :1t I thought that if you dry fire a buck mark one or two times the gun was screwed. What do you guys do, like say in the winter time and snow's up to your rump :D and you can't get out and shoot any, do you leave your gun cock all the time or uncock? :confused: HELP!!!
.22LongRifle ;)

NEVER DRY FIRE YOUR BROWNING!!!! What you described is the typical firing pin indentation that occures when you do the no no. Always use "snap caps" if you must dry fire it for any reason and even so as little as possible. That store clerk is runing all the Brownings he has in his shop for sale and should be giving you a "snap cap" with your purchase to keep things right. What he did is too late now but from now on be cautious when you pull the trigger dry like that. That little dimple you saw on the back to your barrel didn't get there by itself. That dude should not be selling Browning and should be reported!

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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