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How to Drill Hard Metal...

Guys, been reading a lot here on the forums for a few days now. Thought I might make my first post here, maybe even help you drill the sear.

Money and more importantly the lack of; always gets in the way of things around my house LOL. One way to drill hard surfaced metal such as the sear, there is a way to drill this with a limit of tools and or money.

You need a small center punch to do this and the drill bit of the right size for the hole you need. I would also drill the hole 1/64th inch larger than the size called for the tap size your going to use too.

Now more on this center punch, it needs to be one with a three sided point on it. Not like most you see with a smooth coined shape ground onto them. The triangle shaped center punch really helps.

Take our punch and score the area to be drilled, use the drill and your only going to be able to drill the area you roughed up with the center punch, drill longer on this and your trying to polish a hole in the sear LOL... Polishing a hole is not the way

Soon as you hit the area with the drill and its cut out the score of the punch and smoothed the bottom of the beginning hole, stop drilling and re-score with the punch again. You will go at this over and over till you get through the hardened surface metal.

Its all in scoring the area to be drilled over and over, remove the roughed up surface and re-score again till you get into the softer metal. Hope this might help get through the sear and on with your project. Great forum here on the rimfires we all love too. Thanks for letting me burn off some of the paper here...
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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